year grant winners


Andrew Lichtenstein

American Memory

A series of landscape photographs of important historical sites across America that are startling in their exploration of memory and conflict, and the intersection of the past and the present.


Michael Zumstein

Bon Amis

A project about the Ivory Coast’s journey to reconciliation after the post-election crisis of 2010-11.

Simon Brann Thorpe

Toy Soldiers

A work-in-progress involving a creative partnership with a Sahrawi military commander and Polisario soldiers posed in the desert as life-size toy soldiers.

Michelle Frankfurter


A work-in-progress about the unprecedented wave of emigration by Central Americans to the US, triggered in the 1980s by bloody civil wars in the region.

Christopher Capozziello

For God, Race and Country

A work-in-progress about “America’s first terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan,” and Capozziello’s exploration of why KKK members continue to believe in white supremacy.