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Q&A with Donald Weber, 2009 Finalist

January 26, 2013

What are you doing now?

Working on a new project where the simple question asked is, If our future is a city, what kind of a city is it? Plus another project, also urban oriented, which re-appropriates the military gaze in Baghdad and Los Angeles. 

Are you still working on the project? What was the biggest takeaway that you learned?

No, sometimes it's good to move forward.

How do you think people were impacted in the area you covered by this project?

Journalists always come through, the difference is to genuinely engage with your subjects and the people you find, affect them in personal ways, listening goes a long way! Sometimes people just want their stories heard.

What is the one thing you want people to take away from your images?

Nothing is what it seems, drop preconceptions and try to see.

Are you satisfied with the outcome of your work?

Yes, I made an engaging project that I think defied expectations.

Did you miss something? Did you hold back? Did you ever have to put down your camera? 

A camera is just a way into people's lives, so yes, I held back photographically but I dove in to people's lives. some of the most special moments are when you have a great conversation, that's what I look for.